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Being in control of your pension now is the best way to be in control of your retirement needs. Your pension is your hard earned money. EPP Wealth want people to have the best opportunity in being able to be in full control of their pensions & investments. They assess your situation and help you select the correct scheme for your retirement plan.

Who are EPP Wealth?

EPP Wealth Ltd is an ethical company that works closely with a large number of pension providers. They have expert companies that offer pension options and a full broad range of investment choice. All associated companies are regulated by The Pensions Regulator and fully disclosed to HM Revenue and Customs. All IFAs are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

What do they do?

EPP work closely with the IFA which help free your pension correctly. They assess your situation and help you select the correct scheme for your retirement plan. They have all the professionals on-board to advise you from start to finish. They will help you take full control of your pension with the security of an IFA. 

Why talk to them?

EPP wealth Ltd is a UK-based company. Their team understands clients individual circumstances and they have the ability to make it happen. EPP like to pride themselves on the wide range of services they can provide via their network of professionals. EPP have strong relationships with providers. Schemes they promote offer a modern solution to your pension. EPP simply deliver a quality service.

About the service

 Consultancy Professionals  Expert personal service  HMRC approved schemes

The service is free and there is no obligation to proceed with any further consultations. Their service is quick, confidential and each conversation is treated independently. No hidden or upfront fees. Your pension investment remains fully invested with potential yield strength returns, in a regulated managed fund within the UK & protected by the FSCS.


There are a lot of 'schemes' that have been labelled dubious to say the least by the Pension Regulator. You should be aware that any scheme that allows you to take money DIRECTLY out of your pension, before the age of 55 is not necessarily illegal but is certainly an unauthorised payment. It will result in a 55% tax bill – no exceptions. Good news is that EPP Wealth Ltd do not engage with such schemes. They do not promote any that are setup to take money directly from your pension.

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